Internationally published photographer/retoucher/digital artist based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
While in elementary school, I took modeling classes and did a runway show in Hotel Hollywood, Sarajevo. 
It was a themed costume show for which the costumes had to be made by models. I made myself a witch costume. 
Something that started as a fun activity made me realise that I want to study fashion design - which I did, later in high school. 
Fashion is a huge part of my life. I'm mostly interested in gothic, androgynous, fetish, grunge, rockabilly and overall alternative fashion.
I took an interest in photography at the age of 14 and been improving it ever since. 
Naturally, with photography came an interest in make-up art. 
I am a published writer, as well. I write gothic/fantasy/romantic/depressive poems. My first published poem can be found in the 42nd issue of Sanitarium magazine. The name of the published poem is "Her Presence Covered in Mist."
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